5 Ways to Support the Campaign

1. Sign the Secure Petition

Safely give your support to the campaign with the secure online petition.

Click HERE to sign the secure petition.

2. Send a Message of Solidarity

Solidarity is the key to workers’ victory, and we need as much support as possible in the defence of sick workers’ pay.

Use this form to send us your message of support.

3. Boost us on Social Media

Build the campaign and make a statement that IKEA bosses can’t ignore. Like and share, and use the hashtags #ReinstateRichieVenton and #ReinstateSickWorkersWages

Find us on Facebook HERE, and on Twitter HERE

4. Demand IKEA reinstate sick workers’ wages

Take the campaign straight to IKEA. Demand that IKEA reinstate Richie Venton, and reinstate sick workers’ wages.

Go straight to IKEA UK’s Facebook page HERE, and IKEA UK’s Twitter HERE.

5. Learn your rights, join a Trade Union

Be ready to stand up for your rights and the rights of others. Learn how to stay safe at work.

Click HERE to learn about your rights at work, and HERE to find your Trade Union.

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