Petiton hits 5000; Early Day Motion; UCU Strathclyde statement, ‘Record’ columnist calls for support

The petition calling on IKEA to reinstate Richie Venton and reinstate sick workers’ wages has passed 5000 signatures in under four days.

Workers are calling on IKEA to reverse the sacking of Usdaw Shop Steward and Convenor, Richie Venton, and end plans to strip wages from sick or self-isolating workers. In less than four days, supporters have flooded the campaign with messages of solidarity from backers in the Trade Union movement, politicians, and the general public.

Chris Stephens, Member of Parliament for Glasgow South West, has lodged an Early Day Motion in Parliament calling on politicians to support Richie Venton’s reinstatement, and condemning IKEA’s efforts to undermine Trade Union organisation, strip wages from workers, and attack conditions.

You can read the text of the Early Day Motion by clicking this link:

Standing up for the right to Trade Union activity without victimisation, and for full average pay for sick workers, is a vital public health matter. Workers who cannot afford to be off sick are more likely to get sick – and with outbreaks of Coronavirus still occuring in Scotland’s workplaces, IKEA’s plans to leave sick workers in a state of Poverty Pay are unacceptable and unsafe. That’s why we must all support the campaign to Reinstate Richie Venton and Reinstate Sick Workers’ Wages.

Workers from the University of Strathclyde branch of the UCU have called on individual Trade Unionists and Union committees to sign a statement issued in support of Richie Venton and IKEA workers:

“This is the first case in Scotland of a union activist being sacked for taking action in defence of workers from the threat posed by Covid-19, and we are determined to overturn this gross injustice and ensure that this can never happen again. We thus demand Richie’s immediate reinstatement to his job and to the union position members elected him to.

“Under these unprecedented circumstances [workers] should be guaranteed their average wage whilst off sick or in self-isolation, in accordance with government health regulations. That is what we believe to be required to implement the First Minister’s declaration that no worker should be forced back to work.”

You can find the full statement from Strathclyde UCU, and details on how to add your name in support, by clicking this link:

Daily Record columnist Annie Brown says we should all show our support for Richie Venton. In today’s edition of the Record (2 September 2020), Brown writes how:

“This battle with a company worth billions isn’t just about Richie or the workers he has fought for but anyone who has a job or needs one.

“So if you can queue for two hours because you desperately need a Hygge candle, then you can go online and show solidarity with a man who has dedicated his life to workers’ rights.

“We are about to enter an employers’ market when firms will exploit the fear of workers even more than they already do.

“They will take full advantage of this pandemic, crushing workers in the midst of the most terrifying age of modern times.”

Read the rest of Annie’s column in the Daily Record by clicking this link:


Published by ReinstateRichieVenton

A campaign page set up by Glasgow IKEA workers furious at the victimisation and sacking of our elected USDAW shop steward, Richie Venton, and the attacks on our rights and conditions, including removal of wages from workers off sick with Covid-19. Demand that IKEA immediately reinstates elected union shop steward and convener RICHIE VENTON to his job and elected union position. Support the campaign for every worker to be paid their full average wages if they are sick or self-isolating with COVID-19 - instead of the poverty of £95 Statutory Sick Pay forcing workers to take risks and infect others by going to work.

3 thoughts on “Petiton hits 5000; Early Day Motion; UCU Strathclyde statement, ‘Record’ columnist calls for support

  1. This is outrageous!
    Reinstate this individual immediately.
    I will never visit IKEA again until they recognise workers rights


  2. This is outrageous!
    Reinstate thus individual immediately.
    I will never visit IKEA again until they respect workers rights and conditions.


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